Over four hundred and eighty 2.5 liters containers of chlorine dispatched to Chavuma district in North-Western Province

Kabompo, January 10,2024, ZANIS—


Over four hundred and eighty 2.5 liters containers of chlorine have been dispatched to Chavuma district in North-Western Province for treatment of water following the outbreak of cholera in the area.

Speaking when dispatching the boxes to Kabompo at ZAMSA hub provincial health director Luckson Chidikita who was in Chavuma where he had gone to monitor the cholera situation said people in Chavuma are drinking water from the Zambezi river because the Water utility company is unable to supply water due to the breakdown of one of it’s water he pump at it’s plant.

Dr Chidikita said this is the reason why the Provincial health office has quickly moved in to ensure that people in Chavuma have safe driving water in order to reduce chances of diarrhea diseases and consequently Cholera.

Among other things that have been dispatched are twenty five (25) centrimide Chlorohexamide, five hundred (500) biohazad bags, hundred (100) zinc sulphate and hundred (100) doxyl among others.

Sporadic infections of cholera bacteria is being experienced in Chavuma district thereby prompting health authorities to put up the treatment centre at Chavuma Mission Hospital in order to curb the disease.

So far Chavuma district has recorded a considerable number of cholera case which stands at seven (7) as of yesterday while three (3) others where discharged and four (4) are still admitted.

The cases are recorded from named villages where individuals with confirmed cases came from.

Meanwhile a combined team of Public health officers from both district health office and the local authority lead by the Provincial health Director Dr Chidikita earlier swung into action to disinfect areas where they had recorded positive cases of cholera.

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