Mweetwa denies affair with musician’s wife after being named in su!c!de note


MUSICIAN Nathan Mithi yesterday committed su!c!de after leaving a lengthy note explaining that he made that decision because his wife, Sabby Phiri, had been unfaithful throughout their marriage and he could no longer bear it.

Mithi, a member of Ghetto Link, left a list of 15 men whom he accused his wife of sleeping with and first on that list was Chief Government Spokesperson Cornelius Mweetwa.

But Mweetwa has denied the allegations, saying he was hearing the woman’s name for the first time and further accusing some critics of fabricating the story.

Meanwhile, Phiri says she has never met Mweetwa, but she had only sent him a message on behalf of her relative.

In his note, to which he attached a Google Drive link which he said contained evidence of his wife’s affairs like videos of her confessing and some pictures she had exchanged with some of the men, Mithi also admitted that after catching her cheating on him a few times.

By Angela Muchinshi

Credit: News Diggers

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