Monze Town Council Implements Immediate Gravelling Measures to Mitigate Road Issues.


Monze Town Council Public Relations Officer Kanchele Kanchele has said the Local Authority recently launched an urgent initiative to address the deteriorating conditions of roads in Monze Central wards.

Mr. Kanchele said Due to the limited funds allocated for road maintenance, the council has opted to prioritize spot gravelling on the most problematic stretches to ensure the safety and convenience of road users.

He explained that under this initiative, the Council plans to gravel approximately 5 kilometers of road in each ward, summing up to an estimated total of 60 kilometers throughout the entire constituency.

Mr. Kanchele said these works aim to alleviate the current challenges faced by commuters and minimize further damage to the roads until more substantial funds become available.

He further explained that the allocated budget under CDF simply does not suffice for such major renovation, hence the Local Authority officials adoption of a practical approach, targeting sections that are in dire need of attention.

He said with the implementation of these immediate mitigation measures, the council hopes to relieve these issues and create better road conditions for all constituents.

“While we understand that residents would prefer more comprehensive roadworks, we must prioritize within the limited resources available to us.

By addressing the most problematic stretches, we hope to improve safety and provide temporary relief until sufficient funds are secured for more substantial repairs,” he said.

Mr. Kanchele also encouraged residents to report areas in need of attention, as continued engagement with the community remains vital for effective infrastructure development.

Monze Town Council has pledged to continue advocating for increased funding and resources from CDF Committees to address the comprehensive road network in the constituency.

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