Kitwe, Wednesday, 10th April, 2024 –

Minister of Green Economy and Environment Hon. Eng. Collins Nzovu MP says there is scope for deepening and broadening mutually beneficial cooperation between Zambia and Czech Republic in drought response and recovery, greening the economy, forest partnership and e-mobility value chains among other things.

During the EU – Zambia Business Forum bilateral meeting with Speaker of the Senate of the Czech Republic His Excellency Mr. Milos Vystrcil and his delegation, Hon. Nzovu said relations between the two countries have gathered momentum over the last decade with the Czech Republic including Zambia among the priority countries for development cooperation.

He said development cooperation between the Czech Republic and Zambia mainly cover agriculture, health and education sectors.

Hon. Nzovu said he was also aware that the Czech Republic Government, through the EU, is supporting Zambia in the implementation of the Zambia – EU forest partnership which will ensure sustainable forest management, generate jobs via sustainable forest-related value chains, reduce deforestation and forest degradation, and facilitate trade in legal and sustainable forest products.

The Honourable Minister appealed to the Government of the Czech Republic to partner with Zambia through the EU to achieve this partnership.

And Hon. Nzovu said the Government is still undertaking an assessment of the extent of the impact of the drought on the crops, particularly the staple crop, maize.

“We are, therefore, appealing for support from our partners to respond to the drought but also build resilience to the climate impacts. Any support from the Czech Republic, in this regard, will be greatly appreciated,” he said.

On green economy, climate change and environment south to south cooperation, Hon. Nzovu said there is a lot that the two countries can learn from each other in the green economy, climate change and environment spheres.

He said it would be important to explore the implementation of exchange and capacity building programmes including training in green economy, climate change and environmental matters

On e-mobility value chains, Hon. Nzovu said Zambia is endowed with critical energy transition minerals such as copper, cobalt and manganese which are essential for the manufacture of electric batteries, solar panels and other green tech that will underpin the global energy transition from fossil fuels to renewables.

He said Zambia has partnered with the Government of the Democratic Republic of Congo to develop a joint transboundary special economic zone dedicated to the production of battery precursors, batteries, and electric vehicles.

Hon. Nzovu invited the private sector from across the world including from the Czech Republic to partner with African countries to invest in the utilization of these resources and contribute to transitioning the global economy to sustainability.

And Speaker of the Senate of the Czech Republic His Excellency Mr. Milos Vystrcil said there is need to enhance collaboration between the two countries in the mining, forest, agriculture, water and the environment sectors in order to foster sustainable development.

He also called for collaboration between the Zambian and Czech Republic legislative to learn from each other on governance and economic issues.

Mr. Vystrcil further noted that Zambia was a key partner in the developmental agenda.
Mr. Vystrcil, therefore, said there is need to harness the potential that can spur economic development.

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