Minister of Small and Medium Enterprises Hon Elias Mubanga is in Nakonde District to monitor how Small and Medium Enterprises are performing.

The Following are the Highlights:

✅ Government is optimistic that the appreciation of the Kwacha will benefit a lot of small businesses especially cross border traders.

✅ Appealed to farmers in Muchinga, Northern and Luapula Provinces to grow more food especially that they are receiving good rainfall compared to the Sothern and other parts of the country that are experiencing a dry spell.

✅ Government will continue supporting the three provinces in order to increase farming activities.

✅ Encouraged SMEs in Nakonde to grow more rice as his ministry is readily available to support them in terms of equipment and other relevant machinery.

✅ The Ministry through CEEC will continue giving out booster loans and all eligible citizens are free to apply.

✅ Government through the Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises will continue monitoring how SMEs who have benefited from CDF are utilising their funds.

✅ Encouraged farmers to add value to their crops through opening of processing plants such as milling plants.


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