CMC trains 17 Clubs in Poultry Business management.


By Nambela Mwandia Kyombela

Chililabombwe Municipal Council yesterday on 19th February 2024 trained about 17 Clubs in Poultry Business Management.
The trained group of individuals stems from varying Women and Youth Clubs that will receive CDF grants or loans from the 2024 CDF allocation.

Addressing the Clubs Chililabombwe Mayor Mr Lucky Sichone called om the Women/Youth Clubs to prudently utillize CDF Grants once in receipt.

The Mayor said prudent utiluzation of CDF grants or loans would lead to economic development of Chililabombwe district and Zambia as a whole.

Mr Lucky Sichone stated that government is dependant on citizens to foster development in different regions of the Country and prudent utilization of CDF is one of the means to aid development.

And one of the trained individuals Ms. Sarah Chungu who belongs to a Club called Rising Pillars said the training was timely and it has equiped her and her group with the much needed skills to boost their poultry business venture.
Another trained Club member from Apostolic Church Club added that the training has taught her that cooperation from all group members is one of the tenets of success for any business enterprise.

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