By Annedy Longwe

Luangwa, May 29, 2024 –
Luangwa District Commissioner, Luke Chikani, has declared the district ready to host the 2024 World Environmental Day celebrations and the inaugural Coalition of African Parliamentarians on Human-Animal Health and Environment (CAPAH) organized Environmental and Health Expo.

Mr. Chikani announced during a preparatory meeting held on Wednesday, 29th May, 2024 that the exhibition event slated for 5th June, is dubbed the 2024 CAPAH Zambezi Corridor Environment One Health Expo.

He reiterated that this prospective expo will showcase the district’s vast investment and development potential, especially in sectors such as health and tourism.

“The Coalition of African Parliamentarians on Human-Animal Health and Environment (CAPAH), is a dedicated group of lawmakers and policymakers committed to promoting human, animal health, and environmental sustainability in Zambia. The main focus for CAPAH is to integrate environmental management into the development of their respective constituencies through the incorporation of the people who live in these communities, in light of climate change and its effects,” explained Mr. Chikani, in his opening remarks.

The District Commissioner implored stakeholders to embrace this upcoming task and work in unity.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, the district’s progress and success of this expo relies on collective efforts and collaboration among us, the stakeholders.”

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