Itezhi Tezhi, Wednesday (July 10, 2024)

Itezhi-tezhi Member of Parliament, Twaambo Mutinta, is concerned over recent reports regarding the conduct of some Department of National Parks and Wildlife officers.

He highlighted instances of overzealous behaviour, indicating that officers are taking enforcement actions into their own hands, particularly within Kafue National Park.

He said the incidents have posed ongoing challenges in managing the park and its relations with the public.

The MP said in addressing such issues, efforts have been directed towards fostering harmony and peaceful coexistence.

Mr Mutinta, however, emphasized his distress at the resurgence of reports on police brutality, underscoring the need for officers to adhere to established protocols and due process, particularly when dealing with individuals in violation of the law.

The Member of Parliament underscored the negative implications of dehumanizing citizens through brutal treatment, particularly in areas adjoining the Game Management Area.

He further called for comprehensive stakeholder engagement, stressing zero tolerance towards illegal activities such as poaching.

“The goal, he stated, is to establish an amicable approach to handling individuals in conflict with the law.”

Mr Mutinta emphasized the importance of treating all citizens as suspects, while also advocating against the transportation of suspects apprehended in Itezhi-tezhi District to Namwala and Mumbwa Districts, citing jurisdictional concerns.

He emphasized that the preservation of people’s well-being should remain a focal point alongside the protection of wildlife by enforcement officers.


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