1st May 2024

Governance and Development Advocates Zambia Executive Director Elias Mulenga says President Hakainde Hichilema is living First President Kenneth Kaunda’s legacy in action.

Mr. Mulenga said President Hichilema is emulating Dr. Kaunda’s legacy to suppress tribalism and promote national cohesion.

He said, just as Dr. Kaunda, President Hichilema, is equally known for his economic acumen and efforts to stabilize Zambia’s economy, thereby embodying Kaunda’s legacy through his own leadership style and policies.

Mr. Mulenga said it is clear that Zambians will continue acknowledging the broader socio-political status of the UPND in Government and how Mr  Hichilema’s Presidency is contributing to Zambia’s development and unity.

The Executive Director said President Hakainde Hichilema’s Government has made several notable achievements since taking office.

On Economic Management, Mr. Mulenga said the UPND Administration has been working on turning around the nation’s economic fortunes, which includes finalizing a debt restructuring deal.

On Education, he said the UPND Government is implementing a Free Education Policy that has led to increased enrollment in schools.

Regarding Local Development, Mr. Mulenga said President Hichilema is raising the Constituency Development Fund-CDF to better address local challenges.

Mr. Mulenga said President Hichilema has paid attention to Job Creation by focusing on creating jobs for the many unemployed youths.

He said the achievements reflect President Hichilema’s commitment to addressing key issues faced by Zambia, such as fixing the economy, promoting education, and improving good Governance Development and Democracy.

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