Highlights from the Courtesy call paid on the Minister of Information and Media and Chief Government Spokesperson Hon. Cornelius Mweetwa, MP, by British High Commissioner to Zambia His Excellency Nicholas Woolley.



✅ Government appreciates the assistance by British government in attaining the debt restructuring.

✅ Government will ensure that the measures it has put in place to support financial responsibility and resource management are followed.

✅ Government will ensure that the governance of the country remains in conformity with democratic principles and the law, allowing citizens to continue enjoying their human rights without interference.

✅ Within two years, the New Dawn Administration found it fit to enact the Access to Information (ATI) law to ensure an open system of governance where citizens hold their leaders accountable.

✅ Government, through the Ministry of Information and Media, seeks continued support of the British government to develop guidelines, rules and regulations to actualize the ATI law.

✅ Government through the Ministry of Information and Media will soon announce the roadmap for specific steps towards the actualization of the ATI law.

✅ Government takes note with gratitude indication by the British government of its readiness and preparedness to help Zambia deal with the effects of the drought such as shortage of electricity, food and water.

✅ Assured that any support renders to the Zambian Government to enable it respond effectively to the effects of the drought will be utilized prudently.

✅ Government is resolved to ensuring further expansion of media freedom including making sure that media outlets and journalists are protected while they go about their daily duties.


✅ The British Government is pleased with the recent debt restructuring deal Zambia has reached – a major step forward, which boosts investor confidence among other benefits.

✅The British Government stand in solidarity with the Zambian people during this difficult time of the drought and commend the early action Government has taken to respond to the national disaster and emergency the country is facing.

✅It is clear that the current drought will have significant humanitarian and economic impact across the country, with more than 6.5 million Zambians at the verge of facing a severe food deficit. The UK will support Zambia to respond to this situation.

✅In particular, the British Government is expanding its longstanding support to Zambia’s Social Cash Transfer Scheme to reach the poorest and most vulnerable, by supporting the temporary expansion of the programme and helping an additional 6 million Zambians to access vital food supplies.

✅The British Government is also providing an additional K230 million to support the most vulnerable through Emergency Drought Cash Payments as well as pivoting its existing nutrition programme to help expand access to treatment.

✅The British Government is also partnering with the Zambian Government to coordinate its drought response through funding technical assistance provided by the UN, in support of the government’s national drought response plan and will remain committed to supporting longer term resilience of affected communities.

✅The British Government notes that the energy sector in Zambia has been badly affected by the lack of rains. The UK is providing technical assistance to Ministry of Energy and ZESCO to implement the Integrated Resource Plan and mobilising finances for vital power sector investments – diversifying and increasing Zambia’s domestic generation.

✅Applauded the Zambian Government for approving the Comprehensive Agriculture Transformation Support Programme (CATSP) 2024-2033.

✅The British Government is also pleased that the Zambian Government has approved the implementation of the 2024/25 FISP through the e-voucher system which will see the migration of 57 additional districts to the e-voucher, adding that the initiatives are essential pillars for a sustainable and thriving agricultural sector.

✅Assured the Zambian Government that the United Kingdom remains a steadfast partner in supporting Zambia as the country adapts to climate change and its impact.


Credit MIM

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