ACTIVITY came to a dramatic halt on Friday afternoon after a female Street Vendor operating opposite a named Service Station in Mazabuka, soiled herself following a bout of severe diarrhea on her way to buy medicine at a drug store.

The rather unfortunate incident forced people scamper in different directions as the fecal matter spread across the ground.

An account narrated to Byta FM News by an eye witness reveals that the woman believed to be in her 40s had earlier complained of having a stomach ache, prompting her move to purchase medicine at a nearby Chemist.

However, before reaching the drug store, the woman started to discharge diarrhea-like matter and decided to rush in a nearby land reserve to answer the call of nature, but failed to make it.

Quick action by the Mazabuka District Emergency Rapid Response Team resulted in then fumigating the area whilst the victim was rushed to the hospital.

Meanwhile, Mazabuka District Commissioner, Oliver Mulomba, has disclosed that over 91 Cholera cases have so far been recorded in the town.

He notes that majority of the cases recorded in the district are from Fishing Camps, hence calling on residents to observe good hygiene standards.

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