Serenje, Monday (January 15, 2024)

Newly installed Senior Chief Muchinda Kankomba Welala the Third of Serenje District says President Hakainde Hichilema has restored peace and justice through the judiciary.

He promised to resettle back all the subjects that relocated to Democratic Republic of Congo – DRC due to land displacements and the subjects have indicated intentions of returning to the Chiefdom following his ascension to the throne.

The Traditional Leader said this when addressing scores of his subjects after he handed several bicycles, Hummer mill, mealie meal, sugar and cooking oil to the aged and people with disabilities and encouraged the youth to come forward for developmental programmes

The Senior Chief said he does not believe in division and has since maintained over 24 Headmen in their positions.

Chief Muchinda said he did not become a leader to divide but unite the entire Lala land.

The Lala top Chief has since declared zero tolerance to gender based violence especially men harassing women.

He said he would put the interest of his subjects first before those seeking to invest in the area.

Speaking at the same event, Chief Kabamba of the Lala people of Serenje District urged newly installed Senior Chief Muchinda Kankomba Welala the Third to use his influence to restore the lost Lala living heritage.

Chief Kabamba said it is disheartening that the once vibrant Ichibonga Chelala is no more without passing it to the younger generation.

He said Lalas have a rich culture but are copying things from other parts of the world thereby burying their own culture.

The Traditional Leader thanked President Hakainde Hichilema’s Administration for ensuring that the people of Muchinda had a Chief installed.

He also thanked Chief Muchinda for starting to actualise his vision for development by empowering all headmen with bicycles to easy their movements.


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