“Her Unbroken Spirit”,is a book highlighting a Woman’s Journey to Self.


This book is been launched in Zambia by an Indian Zambia based Author Kripa Aiyar.

Kripa Aiyar a passionate women’s transformation advocate born in a conservative Indian family from Mumbai describes a strong woman as one that women can be portrayed in so many words such as Resilient,Determined,Independent and Self-Sufficient but knows when to seek for help.

She says women should be protected at all times from all forms of violent acts like Domestic Abuse,Sexual Exploitation,Gender based violence ,Emotional abuse and Human Trafficking.

She dedicates this book to her late mother where it highlights about Embracing Womanhood,Navigating Life-Challenges ,Cultuvating Self-Love and Finding Purpose and many more .

She describes her late mother as a beacon of love who continues to inspire every word in the passage of the book through different chapters of profound love and she soldiers to carry her mother’s legacy on.

With highlighted topics such as (I ‘m Woman and I’m Enough,defining her Unbroken Spirit,resilience and self-discovery,she encourages every girl and a woman to read her book as it takes you on a journey of transformation through the complexities.

Kripa says residing in Lusaka the capital of Zambia has made her experience life in many different ways.

She encourages every man to read this book as well as she thinks women need to be appreciated to be the best they can be .

To all the beautiful girls and women “this book is an invitation to unveil the personal passions that often entangle us -an exhilarating quest that leads to purpose,joy,and profound fulfillment.

Let’s grab a copy today and read ..Love to all the women and girls …

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