April,1 2024

Over 153 members from various political parties today defected to the ruling UPND in Kabulonga Ward 16 of Lusaka Central Constituency.

Lusaka Central Member of Parliament, Hon Mulambo Haimbe , SC Conducted a road show in Lusaka Central Constituency, in Lubwa and Kabulonga wards before proceeding to Bauleni for the defection program during which the MP had one on one engagement with the people on the ground.

During the road show, Minister Haimbe also took time to listen to people’s challenges in the constituency.

The , who is also the acting minister of Justice, explained to people about debt restructuring adding that it will help the government have enough time to simultaneously pay back the debt and spur economic development of the country.

In a groundbreaking move, Hon. Mulambo Haimbe joyously welcomed over 153 members led by Mr. Mupeta Mwape from the PF to the ruling UPND.

Defectors highlighted UPND’s development policies, particularly praising the decentralized Constituency Development Fund (CDF), which has empowered communities and elevated living standards.

“For the first time, we, as youths, have resources in our hands, empowering us to address local issues. Our living standards have improved, thanks to the peace President Hakainde Hichilema has restored.” Mupeta emphasized.

And Mr. Dickson Kakubo urged fellow citizens to support President Hichilema’s policy direction, applauding his passion for the people and the substantial financial support and opportunities he has provided for national development and unity.

In his welcoming remarks, Mr. Haimbe urged the new members to capitalize on the empowerment opportunities offered by the UPND-led government.

The defectors were received by UPND officials, including Lusaka Central Constituency Chairlady Ms. Gracious Mweemba Malambo, Lusaka Central Youth Chairperson Michael Tembo, Teddy Chivumo, the treasurer, District Official Mr. Njombo, and other constituency and ward officials.


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