Government Calls for Interactive Relationship Between IBA and Stakeholders

Ministry of Information and Media Permanent Secretary, Thabo Kawana has observed that stakeholders view the Independent Broadcasting Authority – IBA as a punitive institution.

Speaking during a familiarization at the IBA head office in Lusaka this morning, Mr. Kawana the mention of IBA unsettles stakeholders as because the regulatory authority, is only head when there is abrogation of the law by media institutions.

He said it is important the IBA cultivates an interactive relationship with its stakeholders to encourage them to freely report their grievances and challenges as and when they arise.

Mr. Kawana hoped that with the appointment of the new Director General, Government is keen on seeing the regulatory authority being taken to another level.

The PS also pointed out that just like the IBA, Zambia Revenue Authority- ZRA bears the same tag of being a punitive institution which is out to punish business community.

Mr. Kawana is of the view that for the business community to be tax complaint, there is need for interactive relationship between the authority and its customers.

Mr. Kawana has however noted that the vibrant team at the IBA has so far represent government well.

“We want the IBA to have interactive relationship with the stakeholders such that they must feel free to come to you and they must be happy when they hear that IBA has come to them. That is what we want to build. So this administration, the New Dawn Administration, the whole idea is to take the public offices to the people and make that people-public office interaction very visible,” noted Mr. Kawana.

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