Don’t politicise Zambia’s current drought situation-Musumali

Climate Change and Sustainability Expert Abel Musumali says Zambia’s current drought situation is one that should not be poiliticised.

He says weather phenomenon’s such as drought and climate change are serious issues that have affected the livelihood of every Zambian at both Household and Economic Level.

MR Musumali has uploaded Republican President Hakainde Hichilema for declaring Zambia’s current drought situation a state emergency as featured on The Cable News Network (CNN).

Musumali says this declaration will draw the international community’s attention, which should open up possible funding and mobilization for Zambian farmers at every level.

He has urged the current Government under the Ministry of Finance working in colorboration with the Ministry of Green Economy and environment to urgently establish a drought emergency fund basket (which will enable for internal and external resource mobilization ) that will make fund’s readily available to help the 2000 000 farmer’s in case of such state emergencies.

He says such a mechanism will enable the relevant authorities assess the number of farmers affected by the lack of production/harvest at district level.

He has further predicted that if measure’s are not put in place to tackle the current shortage of Mealie meal ( Zambia’s Staple Food) the price of the commodity will by August 2024 reach a hike of K400.00 per 25 kg bag from the current K226.00 per 25 kg bag.

“Those in financial control should have the heart of the president” he says.

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