The Labour Commissioner, Givens Muntengwa, implores the employers in the country to ensure that the revised minimum wages are implemented within the confines of the Labour laws.

Mr. Muntengwa warned that failure by companies to implement the revised minimum wages starting this monthend will lead to the accumulation of arrears and if found wanting, the Ministry would charge non-compliant companies an administrative penalty of not less than K60,000.

He said Government did not promulgate these statutory instruments to stifle economic growth but to encourage productivity in the labour market as seen by the introduction of hourly rates.

“This means that employees shall not only be paid the monthly salaries as it was then but now they would be paid for the hours they have worked for. This, therefore, on one hand promotes productivity and on the other seeks to motivate employees to work hard for they will be paid for the effort put in”, Mr. Muntengwa explained.

The Labour Commissioner noted that as a Ministry, we shall thrive to find ways of building the relationship between employers and employees because the Ministry is aware that without harmony, there can never be productivity.

He further indicated that the employees’ rights must be protected and at the same time employees must co-operate with management as provided for by the Industrial and Labour Relations Act.
On the hand he said that Government recognizes the efforts made by the private sector in rebuilding the economy which ultimately creates job opportunities. It was for that reason that recently Government promulgated the National Pension Scheme (Penalty Waiver) Regulations Statutory Instrument No. 3 of 2024, in order to give relief to the companies who have outstanding NAPSA obligations so long the requirements stated in the Statutory Instruments are met.

Mr. Muntengwa also advised companies that employees who wish to join unions must be allowed to do so as it was a right of an employee meant to improve the relationship between employers and employees and further ensures that workers adhere to the laid down procedures of the company.

“Unions by nature are supposed to provide the cooling effect in terms of the relationship between employers and employees,” he lamented.
Mr.Muntengwa guided that companies that allow Union activities at a place of work benefit from workers adherence to company procedures.


This is contained in a statement issued by MINISTRY OF LABOUR AND SOCIAL SECURITY Public Relations Officer Godfrida Chanda-Chisala.


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