The Zambia Police service has urged parents and guardians to remain vigilant and cautious when entrusting their children to others.

In a statement today, Police Public Relations Officer Rae Hamoonga said Ngwerere Police Station, through Moomba Police Post, received a distressing report yesterday March 20, 2024 at 20:40 hours.

Mr. Hamoonga said the report was made by Angela Kaluba, aged 20, residing in Meanwood. She reported the theft of her week-old baby boy by an individual identified as Easter Phiri, aged 19, also of Meanwood.

He stated that the incident occurred on March 20, 2024 at approximately 11:00 hours in the 15 Miles area.

Mr. Hamoonga said according to the account provided, on March 20,2024, around 11:00 hours, at 15 Miles Market, the complainant encountered the accused while returning from Kayosha Clinic, where she had taken her baby for an injection.

He noted that engaging in conversation, the accused, purportedly familiar to the complainant, accompanied her to a nearby restaurant while she waited for her husband.

The Police Public Relations Officer noted that during their time together, the suspect requested to hold the baby as the complainant selected food items.

Mr. Hamoonga stated that subsequently, the suspect expressed a desire for roasted meat, commonly known as “Shokazi,” and exited the restaurant with the baby while the mother remained inside.

He said upon realizing the prolonged absence of the suspect and her baby, the complainant sought assistance from individuals at the restaurant, who confirmed not having seen her.

“A search ensued from 1100 hours to 2000 hours, spanning from 15 Miles to 20 Miles (Katuba Area), where the suspect was eventually apprehended, and the child safely recovered.”
“The suspect is currently in police custody pending further investigation into the motive behind her actions.”
“The Zambia Police Service reassures the public of its commitment to ensuring the safety and security of all community members, especially the most vulnerable.” Mr. Hamoonga said

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