Serenje, Friday (January 19, 2024)

Newly installed Senior Chief Muchinda Kankomba Welala the Third says those who grabbed land when there was no Chief in his Chiefdom will not be chased but will be engaged to resolve land ownership

The Lala top Chief says dialogue will take precedence over the plight of his subjects.

This came to light in a speech delivered by his Secretary Eliud Katyoka in Serenje when Senior Chief Muchinda Kankomba Welala the Third handed over a hammer mill, mealie meal, blankets, sugar and cooking oil to over 150 aged people and those with Disabilities.

The Senior Chief also handed over bicycles to all his Headmen exceeding 28.

And the Traditional Leader said the absence of a Chief for 13 years, brought infighting and crime perpetuation from different interests in areas of mining and land grabbing.

He said Muchinda Chiefdom now has five farm blocks, 11 big commercial farmers and individual Zambians, migrating from different parts of Zambia without following proper procedure.

Senior Chief Muchinda thanked Government for taking development in the area of agriculture.

“I have resolved to amicably resolve land displacements with love. We will engage in dialogue fairly with victims and interested parties. Furthermore, I pledge not to chase or victimise anyone,” he said.

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