CMC, AVIC to reinstate Street lights along CBD.


By Nambela Mwandia Kyombela

Chililabombwe Municipal Council in conjuction with Avic International is reinstating Street lights along Central Business District.

The Local Authority through the department of engineering is conducting works of excavation while Avic International is providing a new cable which is about 1.2 Km long for the works.

Speaking in an interview CMC Director Engineering Mr Cosmas Mpundu said some of the reinstated street lights were disturbed during construction of the international road and others were vandalised.

The Engineer added that to prevent the challenge of vandalism the Local Authority is working on deeper excavations for cables to be installed for street lights.

” Vandalism is posing a great challenge in terms of securing street lights and the aesthetic beauty of the district and to this effect the Council is excavating deep enough underground so that it is difficult to be uprooted,” he said.

Mr Mpundu has since implored members of the community to report anyone found vandalising the cables or any public property.

“Vandalism is one of the drawbacks to installed street lights in our district,” he said.

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