Lusaka, 11th June 2024–

The Zambia Medicines and Medical supplies Agency (ZAMMSA) has recorded a major increase in laboratory commodity availability, reaching a significant 70% stock availability in the past week.

In a statement this morning, ZAMMSA Senior Manager-Corporate Communications Bradley Chingobe said the availability of Laboratory commodities at the ZAMMSA central warehouse has been hovering around the 50 to 55% mark since 2023 and for the very first time has increased to a remarkable feat of 70%.

Mr. Chingobe said this milestone reflects ZAMMSA’s commitment to ensuring access to essential medical supplies, to be specific, in the realm of laboratory consumables and reagents.

He said it is important to note that Laboratory products are essential for conducting various diagnostic tests across service delivery points in all spheres of the country.

Mr. Chingobe noted that the availability of these commodities makes it seamless for healthcare professionals to diagnose and precisely guide on appropriate treatment decisions in the identification process of diseases and varied conditions that affect the Zambian populace.

“Notably, ZAMMSA has also recorded a substantial improvement in the availability of Hematology reagents. These crucial components that are instrumental in facilitating the smooth operation of laboratory machines, thereby enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of diagnostic processes.”

“ZAMMSA’s streamlined procurement strategy and support from our cooperating partners has enabled the effective accessibility of the laboratory commodities. This in turn has enabled ZAAMSA to effectively distribute Hematology products to all corners of the country through our last mile’s distribution exercise, ensuring that healthcare facilities across the nation have access to these vital resources.” Mr. Chingobe said

Mr. Chingobe further stated that ZAMMSA is pleased to report that the current stock levels of laboratory products, including Hematology reagents and HIV testing kits currently are sitting at 100%, Biochemistry commodities are sitting at 79% and are sufficient enough to meet the demand for the next five months.

“ZAMMSA remains committed in ensuring a sustained supply chain and procurements of essential medicines and medical supplies.” Mr. Chingobe said

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