ZAMBIA’S FIRST STATE OF ART AMUSEMENT PARK OFFICIALLY OPENED families were observed slowly trooping in..


Zambia’s first and largest play park named HAPPY LAND opened it’s gates to the public on Saturday 8th October 2022.

The park is the biggest entertainment place fully parked with various play stations not only tellered for children but adults as well.

Happy land Executive Director Dr. Joseph Mulenga described the park as one of the best place when having a good quality family time.

Dr. Mulenga said the initiative is a joint venture between Zambia and a Chinese film who jointly come up with the state of art investment.

Speaking to journalists, Dr. Mulenga cited that the initiative is a long term investment which is not only targeted to local tourism but international at large as it seats well to the country’s tourism profile.

He further said that the park has created over 500 jobs to the locals adding that it will be opened in phases until it’s final touch.

Dr. Mulenga urged parents to take their children at Happy Land as he jokingly said gone are the days children used to play in the bush.

Situated Along Great East Road in sliverest Sub A of Farm 87a in Lusaka, you will find children and adults entertainment such as the Roller Coaster, Bumper car racing, Crazy Disco, Wildlife park, frying Chair, Pirate Ship, Egypt Adventure and many more with the Ferris Wheel yet to be opened November month end.

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