A 32-year-old man of Vubwi District has committed suicide over suspicions of infidelity by his fiancée.

Ignitious Sakala of Chafulu village in Chief Pembamoyo’s area allegedly took his life by drinking a maize insecticide over allegations that his fianceé was having an affair with someone else.

Facts of the matter are that the deceased bid farewell to his relatives under the pretext of going to a choir festival at a named Catholic Church in the district.

However, before departure, the 32-year-old is alleged to have sent messages threatening to end his life to his sister and fianceé.

His sister and fianceé, only identified by the name of Margret, notified his other relatives of the suicidal messages the deceased was sharing with them.

According to his close cousin, Taulino Sakala, efforts to dissuade the deceased from taking his own life were made by his elder brother Felix Sakala who met him on his way to church choir event, but to no avail.

The deceased is alleged to have refuted claims of having sent the messages to his fianceé and sister assuring his brother he did not harbour any such intentions.

On the material day and Instead of church, Ignitious Sakala travelled to Chipata to confront his fianceé who is at a named college there.

However, around 11 am after speaking with his fianceé who was warned by Felix Sakala to look out for strange behavior, Ignitious was later picked up by good Samaritans. The same people informed Felix about the condition of his brother.

According to Taulino Sakala, Ignitious was rushed to Chipata Central Hospital, where it was discovered that the deceased’s bag let off a scent of a maize chemical which he is suspected to have consumed.

According Taulino Sakala, Ignitious Sakala died at 9 pm the same day at the hospital and his body was transported back to Vubwi with the help of the District Commissioner Given Sakala where he was buried the following day around 4 pm.

Mr Taulino Sakala however revealed that this was not the deceased’s first attempt to take his life as he had on several occasions done so in the recent past.

However, the police command had not yet received the report of the suicide by yesterday.

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