Zambia today joined the rest of the world to commemorate World Malaria Day which falls on the 25 of April annually.

Health Minister Sylvia Masebo who commemorated this year’s program themed “Accelerating the fight against Malaria for a more equitable world”, said in Chongwe that the district had in 2023 recorded 61,000 Malaria cases.

Ms. Masebo said this indicates just how much of a problem Malaria is in Zambia adding that Malaria remains a burden, accounting for 30 percent of the many diseases in the country.

She mentioned that Malaria also continues to be among the top ten diseases of those visiting a loved one in hospital.

The Health Minister further stated that 31, 400 people get infected of malaria annually and four people die of the disease each day.

She revealed that those most affected are pregnant women and urged more care and attention for them.

The Health Minister however said all is not lost, if everyone continues to fight Malaria by sleeping in treated mosquito nets, quickly getting tested and starting reatment early once diagnosed.

She further stated that access to Malaria treatment kits in the hard to reach areas has been made possible with 3,000 community workers pending to be trained in malaria elimination programs country wide.

Ms. Masebo further revealed that 11.6 million treated mosquito nets were distributed across the country for Malaria elimination and that this translated into the protection of 22.3 million people being protected from the disease.

But the Health Minister advised members of the public to use the nets consistently and correctly through out the year in order to achieve the intended results.

She thanked all the partners that have continued to come on board in the fight against Malaria in Zambia.
And speaking at the same event, United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Health Director, Amy Cunningham, said the U.S. government is proud to join Zambia in commemorating World Malaria Day and that this annual event is an opportunity to reflect on malaria in Zambia and the impact of the US Zambia partnership.

Ms. Cunningham said to reduce Malaria rates in Zambia, the U.S. Government through the U.S. President’s Malaria initiative partners with the National Malaria Elimination Centre, the private sector and communities will continue to provide tools and technology to prevent Malaria.

She revealed that USAID provides 30 million U.S. dollars worth of commodities and technical assistance each year to support a range of Malaria Interventions.

Meanwhile, World Health Organisation, (WHO), National Malaria program officer Freddie Masinga said the WHO salutes health workers involved in the fight against malaria in the country.

Dr. Masinga revealed that world wide, Africa continues to have the highest numbers of Malaria cases and deaths, with 94 percent malaria cases and 95 percent malaria deaths.

He said most of those affected are pregnant women and others continue to be impacted with risks of getting Malaria.

Dr. Masinga further called for gender transformative programs and more interventions in order to completely eliminate Malaria.

World Malaria day was first recognized globally in 2007, it was celebrated for the first time internationally in 2008.

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