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Lusaka, Wednesday (November 29, 2023)

Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF) Country Director Nachilala Nkombo says her Organisation supports the Centre for Environment Justice (CEJ’s) newly launched Strategy and Implementation Framework for the resolutions of the Environmental Protection Dialogue (EPD) and the Traditional Leader’s Caucus (TLC).

Ms Nkombo says WWF is delighted that the EPD has become Zambia’s biggest annual environmental event co-hosted by CEJ with the Ministry of Green Economy and Environment.

“For those of you that have attended a series of meetings at the EPD, it is now a national flagship event. It is a Dialogue that brings together everyone who cares about the health of the planet,” she said.

Ms Nkombo said the EPD started off at a time when there was no proper coordination amongst environmental activists on what they were doing in responding to the salient crisis of environmental degradation.

“This salient crisis has caused environmental degradation. Thanks, somehow, to Climate Change, everyone is paying attention. We are facing various forms of environmental degradation that threatens our shared future,” she said.

The WWF Country Director paid tribute to Traditional Leaders that have united in combating Climate Change.

“To our Royal Highnesses, I am very grateful for the space that your leadership provided nationally through the House of Chiefs and also your openness to partner with us in the work that we are doing with the National Heritage Conservation Commission (NHCC) and one of our partners, Stanbic Bank to ensure that actions are taken to protect the source of the Zambezi River. The Zambezi River is key to Zambia’s economy. If we care about the Zambia’s economy but we do not care about the health of the Zambezi River, then we do not care about our shared future,” she said.

Ms Nkombo said the EPD is an important platform which has provided opportunities for all that care about the environment and the future of Zambia to share experiences, insights and call for actions to protect our important resources.

“I take pride to note that the CEJ Executive Director Maggie Mapalo Mwape has always reminded stakeholders on the need for actions because this is crucial. The launch of the Framework is a step in ensuring that resolutions are turned into actionable activities after each EPD,” she said.

Meanwhile, First Quantum Minerals (FQM) Country Manager Dr. Godwin Beene said his firm takes Environmental Protection matters seriously thereby making it an ardent supporter of CEJ.

“It is not right that everything must be left to Government alone to do including combating Climate Change. When youthful people stand up on matters that are essentially National in nature, we need to give them the fullest support. I stand here as an ardent supporter of Centre for Environment Justice (CEJ) because we take seriously matters concerning Environmental Protection not in a defensive but responsible manner,” he said.

Dr. Beene paid tribute to CEJ and its partners for launching the EPD Strategy and Implementation Framework that will guide the Implementation of EPD Resolutions and the Traditional Leaders Caucuses (TLCs).

“I wish to acknowledge the pivotal role that CEJ plays in fostering a robust platform for multistakeholder engagement on environmental challenges since it’s inauguration around 2020,” he said.

The FQM Country Manager said the EPD objectives resonate deeply with his company’s vision on environmental stewardship and sustainability.

“The launch of the EPD Strategy and Implementation Framework signifies the transition from dialogue to concrete strategic actions. It marks the shift from identifying challenges to Implementing solutions. It underscores the importance of accountability,” he said.

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