The reports and publications about me are mere fabrications-Hamasaka

Lusaka, 12th June 2024 –

State House communication specialist Clayson Hamasaka, has filed a formal criminal defamation complaint against Petauke Member of Parliament Emmanuel Jay Banda.

In a letter addressed to the Inspector General of Police, Mr. Hamasaka detailed how he first encountered allegations of his involvement in the abduction of MP Banda on social media on 2nd June 2024.

Mr. Hamasaka says he became more concerned after a Daily Nation article titled “Jay Jay narrates cruel torture” was published, in which Means. Banda named him as one of his alleged abductors.

Mr. Hamasaka denied any involvement, stating that he has never met or interacted with Mr. Banda.

“The reports and publications are false and mere fabrications,” Mr. Hamasaka said

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