I’m surprised to read a fake news item carried by the Daily Nation tabloid on its online platform dated Tuesday, 23rd January 2024.

The item is a complete misrepresentation of facts that are in the Constitutional Court. Simply put, a fabrication meant to sway members of the general public from the realities on the ground

The act is an attempt by some of our members failing to comprehend the fact that President Miles Sampa legitimately took over the party and has continued to fine-tune his team under the rebranded PF ahead of the 2026 general elections.

The tabloid carries a story headlined, “MUNDUBILE CHALLENGES CHABINGA.”

The first paragraph reads, “ConCourt orders that Mundubile, the Leader ofbthe Opposition in Parliament should be joined to a matter in which the State has been sued for appointing Robert Chabinga as Leader of Opposition”.

This is fake news. The matter in question was instituted by the Institute of Law, Policy Research and Human Rights (ILPRHR) for a constitutional interpretation on the appointment/election of Leader of the Opposition.

The ILPRHR did not challenge the appointment/election of Hon Robert Chabinga.

The ILPRHR did not sue the State for the appointment/election of Hon Robert Chabinga as Leader of the Opposition.

The appointment/election of Leader of the Opposition is not done by the State but the party with the largest seats in the National Assembly (main opposition).

Lastly, the Constitutional Court did not order for the joinder of Brian Mundubile, who is the former Leader of the Opposition and was replaced by Hon Robert Chabinga by the main opposition, Patriotic Front (PF).

Brian Mundubile asked the court to be joined in the matter and not that the court ORDERED for him to be joined.

He asked, and his application was granted based on his cry that he was wrongly replaced.

Hon Chabinga is not a party to the matter.

I ask the Daily Nation to see things as they are and not to misrepresent facts that are in court.

I know they may have a soft spot for the former Leader of The Opposition, but as things stand, I’m the legitimate leader of the Opposition in Parliament.

Signed this day, 24 January 2024.

Hon. Robert Chabinga
Leader of the Opposition

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