….as it files in nominations in 8 Ward by-elections….

Lusaka, Thursday (June 13, 2024)

The Socialist Party – SP is happy that the Electoral Commission of Zambia- ECZ Chairperson announced a few days ago that they will punish any political party that engages in violence. 

SP Chairperson for the Election Sub-Committee in the National Council Management Committee (NMC) Trymore Mwenda said he believes that the ECZ stance is not lip service because the UPND has been engaging in political violence but has gone unpunished. 

He said the ECZ should try to maintain its integrity by doing what they are supposed to do to level the playing field for all political parties to participate freely. 

“The Electoral Commission of Zambia  – ECZ announced nine by-elections countrywide. As SP has always done before, like we are doing now and future, we will continue engaging the electorates by participating in the by-elections whether artificially induced by the ruling party, or by death or other circumstances. We are working with the church, various labour movements, political parties, and traditional leaders because this is the only way we can have the much-needed wisdom to lead Zambia. We have continued to engage student unions and other groups to share ideas on a wide range of issues,” he said. 

Mr Mwenda said SP has filed in eight by-elections apart from Kawambwa in Luapula Province where other political parties engaged in undesirable tactics that should not be condoned in a democratic country like Zambia. 

He said Rodwell Chiluba is SP Candidate in Chinama Ward in Kanchibiya Constituency in Muchinga Province with Mary Chimba taking up Kaminzekenzeke Ward in Mufumbwe Constituency in North Western.

Mr Mwenda said Josam Monga goes for Njame Ward in Chirundu Constituency in Southern Province, Mumba Misozi in Muluba Ward in Choma Constituency in Southern Province, Masiliso Simakondo in Mwenyi Ward in Sikongo Constituency in Western Province and Kababu Nyumbu in Liumena Ward in Sikongo Constituency in Western Province. 

He said other SP Candidates are Martin Simfukwe in Mulalo Ward in Nakonde Constituency in Muchinga Province, Charles Simukwai in Luchinde Ward in Nakonde Constituency in Muchinga Province, 

Mr Mwenda said SP is the only party thus far that is on record which is striving to field female candidates in some of these ward by-elections and we have fielded female candidates in Choma and Mufumbwe.

“We thank our SP President Fred M’membe for facilitating so that we can be able to file in the eight wards. We pray that the people of Zambia will continue to give us the usual support,” he said. 

He said Zambia is going through serious economic challenges because the UPND administration has lamentably failed to provide solutions.

“As electorate turn up to vote, remember that you have the power which is the vote,” he said. 

This is contained in a statement issued by SP Director Media Brian Hapunda. 

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