By Ubuntu reporter.

Lukanga Water Supply and Sanitation Company Limited (LgWSC) has called on residents and property owners to adhere to building regulations and avoid constructing over or near essential service lines.

In a statement today, LgWSC Acting Managing Director, Nyonge Phiri said it is imperative to note that such actions are not only against established building guidelines but are also illegal under the Water Supply and Sanitation Act.

He said regrettably, on Thursday, 16th November, 2023, the water utility company was compelled to take action to protect
our infrastructure.

Mr. Phiri revealed that a portion of a house in Mkushi district was demolished due to its
encroachment on their service line.

He said the property owner extended the house into the area reserved for the service line, contravening documents of land use obtained from the Mkushi Local Authority.

“As a consequence of this encroachment, a 150-millimeter pipe burst within the house,
causing disruptions to water supply services for several properties in town.”

“Such incidents not only affect the violator but have broader implications for the community at large.”Mr. Mwenya said.

And LgWSC Acting Managing Director, Nyonge Phiri has observed that vandalism of company infrastructure is a huge problem that the company is currently grappling with.

Mr. Phiri, who is Director – Engineering, cited encroachment, theft of manhole covers and
illegal connections and building on top of service lines as some of the vices that are wide

He has since called on members of the public to support efforts by the commercial utility to
ensure operational efficiency by refraining from vandalizing company infrastructure,
encroaching on designated lands, and building over service lines.

This is contained in a statement issued by LgWSC Public relations officer Joseph Mwenya.


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