By Clayson Hamasaka
Chief Communications Specialist
State House
18th April 2024

We wish to clarify once again President Hakainde Hichilema’s attendance at the Kuomboka Ceremony this Saturday, following various accounts circulating on various media platforms.

President Hichilema is fully aware of invitation of His Royal Highness Paramount Chief Chitimukulu as the guest of honor at this year’s Kuomboka ceremony. This invitation is a reciprocal gesture, following last year’s invitation of King Lubosi Imwiko II as the guest of honor at the Kusefya Pa Ngwena ceremony in the Northern Province, which President Hichilema fully supported.

It must be emphasized that President Hichilema is not intending to usurp or take over the Chitimukulu’s role as Guest of Honour at this year’s Kuomboka ceremony. He is simply attending as a citizen and enthusiast of the event.

Indeed, President Hichilema has participated in the Kuomboka and many other ceremonies across the country long before he entered mainstream politics.

Even as an opposition leader, he attended these ceremonies not as a guest of honor, but as a citizen who respects traditions, and as a headman in his own right.

Looking ahead, President Hichilema encourages cultural exchanges among traditional leaders, where ceremonies and other traditional engagements are presided over by traditional leaders from different regions. This initiative will undoubtedly promote national unity and peaceful coexistence among the diverse ethnic groups in our country.

President Hichilema holds deep respect for Their Majesties King Lubosi Imwiko II and The Chitimukulu. As President, he urges all citizens to respect our rich and diverse culture and traditions.

The President is looking forward to joining other patrons and the Lozi people at this weekend’s Kuomboka ceremony.

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