United Party for National Development-UPND National Chairperson Gilbert Liswaniso says that he will not be swayed from doing his job by those seeking his removal from his position with a malicious agenda.

Speaking when he featured on 5FM’s Burning Issue in Lusaka today, Mr. Liswaniso stated that those that feel they can do a better job than him are free to ask President Hakainde Hichilema who is Party President to remove him as Party National Youth Chairman.

He says even if he were to be removed from his position, his dedication and loyalty to the President and the party would remain steadfast.

Mr. Liswaniso has further stated that no amount of malice will deter him from mobilizing for the party.

He says that he has accepted to follow President Hichilema to ensure that his vision for the people of Zambia is realized adding that the head of state means well for the nation.

Mr. Liswaniso cautioned party leaders against entertaining those in the habit of writing malicious stories with a view to blackmailing them.

And the UPND National Youth Chairman challenged anyone that considers him corrupt to report him to the Anti-Corruption Commission if they have any evidence against his alleged acts of corruption.

And responding to unverified reports that he is earmarked for a diplomatic posting, Mr. Liswaniso said he is not going nowhere.

He vowed to stick around and ensure that President Hichilema attains his mission of bettering the lives of Zambians.

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