In a strategic move towards combating financial crimes, the National Prosecution Authority (NPA) has over the last one month successfully recovered US$30,902,855.00 (ZMW 777,751,595.42) in forfeitures from multiple high-profile cases.

The unprecedented recoveries not only demonstrate the State’s dedication ot justice, but also the importance of asset recovery as a potent alternative to the traditional criminal prosecution system.

The State ni the flagship case of the Director of Public Prosecutions vs. Milingo Lungu, recovered US$24 million. The NPA also oversaw the successful surrender of US$5, 000, 000 to the State in the case of the Director of Public Prosecutions vs. World Aviation Sinai International, Mountains Limited, Ibissair (Pty) Limited and Michael Adel Michel Botros.

The State released the chartered plane in the case due to the fact that the rightful owners claimed ownership of it ni a third party claim which was filed before the Lusaka High Court with documentary proof of ownership as provided for under the Forfeiture of Proceeds of Crime Act Number 19 of 2010.

Investigations pertaining to the ownership of the subject aircraft revealed that it was indeed chartered and, therefore, the State had no further action to pursue in this regard
Further, in diverse cases involving mostly foreign nationals, the DPP also secured forfeitures totalling US$1,813,093.42, €32, 717.62 Euros, £8,139.20 British Pounds and K1, 320 Zambian Kwacha.

These asset recoveries were made possible by the diligent efforts of the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC). Their meticulous investigations and asset seizures paved way for these legal actions and subsequent forfeitures, demonstrating the crucial role of collaborative inter- agency law enforcement.

These forfeitures not only mark a significant and unprecedented financial recovery for the State, but also underscores the Authority’s commitment to fiscal prudence and accountability.

As an authority, we will continue to be proactive in combating financial crimes. The Authority is facilitating these forfeitures to the State who will redirect the resources towards national development, by so doing, the Authority is not only upholding the rule of law but also contributing to economic growth and national development.

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