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UPND Lusaka Province Youth Chairperson, Anderson Banda has paid glowing tribute to the thousands of youths who turned out in large numbers to commemorate their day in Lusaka today.
Mr Banda says the large number of youths that gathered in Lusaka and other parts of the country to celebrate International Youth Day signalled a new era in transformative leadership centered on harnessing youth potential across the global spectrum.
Mr Banda who has been preaching unity and co-existence among political participants from the broader, Zambian political divide, says today’s huge turn-out of the youths was indicative of the the young population’s desire to change their lives
Speaking in an interview at the Lusaka Showgrounds main arena during the commemoration today, Mr Banda charged that shunning national events by the former ruling party was retrogressive to national development and unity.
Today’s Youth Day celebrations were held under the theme: *Tranforming Minds for Accelerated Youth Development*.
Thousands of youths from Lusaka, Kafue, Chongwe, Rufunsa and Luangwa districts clad in colourful UPND uniforms turned out in their respective districts to celebrate their day.
The march past celebrated ACHIEVEMENTS by the Hakainde Hichilema-led New Dawn administration in style as they tossed free education, restoration of the rule of law, increased CDF, devolution through decentralization among others.
Other matters of grave, national importance that the youths celebrated was an end to police brutality, robust fight against corruption, prudent utilization of public funds and resources and recruitment of teachers and health workers.
He charged that payment of retirees benefits, Equalization Fund for the 116 local authorities signalled a milestone in economic transportation.
Mr Banda said that the huge turn-out of the youths for today’s events was evidence that the younger population of the country believes in President Hichilema’s goodwill and unifying leadership style.
Mr Banda is hopeful that participants from the broader political divide will wholeheartedly and without political interest participate in future events of such nature.

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