Monze District – Mwanza East Ward Councillor Abel Hachambwa has called upon grant beneficiaries in the area to wisely utilize the funds they receive for the intended economic activities.

Mr. Hachambwa who is also the Vice Council Chairperson for Monze District emphasized that these grants are a one-time opportunity and should be utilized to generate profits and uplift people’s livelihoods.

Commenting on the CDF grants which several cooperatives in the District have been receiving, Councillor Hachambwa stressed the need for a significant impact on the lives of grant beneficiaries.

He expressed concern over the apparent lack of progress in improving the standard of living despite several cooperatives receiving grants in Monze District.

“We need to see tangible results in the lives of those who have been granted funds. It is disheartening that, despite the support provided by the government, the impact on the standard of living appears minimal,” Councillor Hachambwa stated, urging grant recipients to use the funds to engage in economic activities that will yield profit and sustain their livelihoods.

Councillor Hachambwa pointed out that these grants are intended to support entrepreneurial ventures and should not be viewed as mere handouts.

He emphasized that the government’s efforts to promote economic development through grant programs should be reflected in the progress made at the grassroots level.

“The primary goal of these grants is to create a positive change in our community. By investing in economic activities that generate profits, grant beneficiaries can secure not only their own livelihoods but also contribute to the overall development of the region,” Hachambwa affirmed.

Furthermore, Councillor Hachambwa stressed the importance of transparency and accountability in utilizing these funds. He encouraged recipients to keep detailed records of their investments, earnings, and expenses to ensure effective utilization of the grants.

Hachambwa also urged the government to provide continued support and monitoring to ensure that grant funds are being utilized appropriately and making a significant impact on the community’s living standards.

As the message of utilizing grants for economic activities spreads, it is hoped that grant beneficiaries throughout Moomba Constituency will seize the opportunity to uplift their lives and contribute to the overall development of the area.

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