I am happy with the interventions aimed at improving the livelihood of women and girls in Kasempa district-Tambatamba.

Kasempa, March 8, 2024…

Minister of Labour and Social Security, Brenda Tambatamba has expressed happiness with the interventions aimed at improving the livelihood of women and girls in Kasempa district.

Ms. Tambatamba noted that women and girls in Kasempa district had benefited from different Government initiatives.

She said this during the commemoration of International Women’s Day under the theme, “Invest in women and girls, accelerate progress”.

“Some of these initiatives are the Constituency Development Fund (CDF), Women Economic Empowerment Programmes (WEEP), GEWEL project, support to women livelihood (SWL) under the Department of Community Development, Keeping Girls in School and Social Cash transfer just to mention a few,” Ms Tambatamba.

She added that these programs are an indication of the Government’s intention of sowing a seed of self-reliance, entrepreneurship and community development.

Ms. Tambatamba emphasized that women are not just recipients but the engine of development.

Speaking at the same event, NGOCC Kasempa district secretary Ruth Shipilinda implored the Government to consider women’s participation in governance.

“We appeal to the Government to put in place laws that will compel political parties to adopt more women so that the country can achieve 50-50 representation,” Ms Shipilinda added.

She urged women to stand up and claim their rightful position so that they are not left out in key decision-making.

The Kasempa Area Member of Parliament is in the Kasempa District of North- Western Province for a Five (5) day working visit to grace the two (2) national events, International Women’s Day and Youth Day.

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