Lungu is the worst Head of State ever in Zambia

Monday, 17th June 2024

LUSAKA – Former President Edgar Lungu will ever be and will remain the worst Head of State Zanbia has ever had since attaining independence in 1964.

Mr Lungu should always be thanking Zambians that without a vision he became the sixth Republican President who ascended to power coincidently following the death of President Michael Sata.

If President Sata had not died, may his soul remain in peace, Zambians don’t know where Mr Edgar Lungu could have ended up, with his hasty social lifestyle.

Therefore, Mr Lungu cannot be compared to President Hakainde Hichilema because the two are far apart in terms of leadership qualities. They are day and night.
For example, while Mr Lungu used State House to acquire riches, President Hichilema has entered plot one declaring that he does not need a salary.

In the case of Mr Lungu, he enjoyed more than his salary hence his boasting nowadays.
It is easy to tell that President Hichilema is the beacon of the Country as he is working very hard to restore stability in the economy.

Mr Lungu still remains in the dark hole of impropriate, corruption and abuse of public resources that left the country bleeding economically.

Zambians have not forgotten how the Patriotic Front government under Edgar Lungu terrorized people to near submission to his repressive regime.

Sponsored harassment and torture of innocent citizens was the order of the day, whilst those close to the leadership were above the law.
PF cadres and their sponsoring leadership treated all other citizens as pariahs in their own Country.

Today, Mr Lungu and his cronies are enjoying the democratic space and political tolerance under the leadership of President Hichilema. It’s unfortunate, however that they are now abusing this space by promoting divisive language.

Mr Lungu at the height of his fraught leadership ignored the suffering and deaths of the people instigated by his party and government operatives, showing no remorse or compassion for the families of the victims. His disregard for human life exemplified his lack of empathy.

The United Party for National Development (UPND) New dawn government is determined to implement its mandate given to them by the people of Zambia during the August 2021 general elections. The people have placed a high premium on the UPND and they are rightfully demanding for sustainable development.

This government has made tremendous milestones in this regard, and still determined to meet citizens aspirations for better and dignified livelihoods.
We understand why there is so much agitation in the Lungu camp, especially after President Hichilema announced the planned investigations into the contracted loans under the PF administration and to find out how the money was utilized.

This pronouncement does not sit very well with our colleagues because they know they could be culpable at the end of the investigations.

We would like to invite Mr Lungu and his friends to support this policy measure as it entrenches accountability and transparency in the management of public resources.
Mr Edgar Lungu, public office is not for enriching oneself but for service.



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