LTC Launches Crucial Food Safety Training to Combat Foodborne Illnesses

Luangwa – June 21st, 2024

Luangwa Town Council, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, commenced a two-day food handlers training for all food service providers in the district on June 20, 2024.

During his welcoming remarks, Council Secretary Mr. Stephen Malenga expressed his gratification at the large community turnout.

He emphasized the critical importance of the training and encouraged participants to approach it with utmost seriousness.

The inaugural session was enriched by valuable insights from public health inspectors and Ministry of Health officials, who led the program.

They ensured participants understood the elements of caring for customers, in terms of food preparation.

The training was deemed imperative due to recent foodborne illness incidents, widely shared on social media and radio.

The primary objective was to equip participants with the skills to oversee food preparation and safety measures efficiently.

Mr. Malenga encouraged active engagement, highlighting the pivotal role of each participant in safeguarding public health.

He reaffirmed the Local Authorities’ commitment to ongoing training and mentioned that those unable to attend would have future opportunities.

Participants were informed about the opportunity to obtain a certificate, which could potentially render them eligible for financial assistance through Constituency Development Fund (CDF) in addition to opportunities for business growth.

The government emphasized the significance of obtaining accreditation to ensure that restaurants are well-managed.

Mr. Malenga urged participants to approach the training with importance as it opens rare and invaluable prospects.

He called for collaboration in elevating food service standards to ensure community health and safety.

This is contained in a statement issued by Luangwa Town council public relations officer Annedy Longwe.

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