Local Government service commission vice Chairperson Mr. Brian Ndumba has urged Local Authorities to be dressing formerly and not informally.Mr. Ndumba who was speaking when he visited Nyimba Town Council has urged all employees in the country to avoid dressing like they were not on duty adding that the public should be able to differentiate between a government worker who is on duty and someone who is not.The Local Government Service Commission Vice Chairperson has also warned against employees reporting late for work adding that government’s eyes are everywhere in the country.Mr. Ndumba has further warned principal officers attending workshops without seeking for authority from the Provincial Local Government Officer (PLGO) at the expense of unpaid employees a situation he described as worrisome.Meanwhile, Local Government Service Commissioner Ms. Liseli Sesekano has urged Human Resource Officers to be sending back officers that will be reporting for work improperly dressed.The Local Government Service Commissioner expressed concern on how Local Authorities treat clients with bad attitude a situation she described as a behavior which is uncalled for.Ms. Sesekano has urged workers to treat clients with respect and dignity adding that clients should be attended to in good time.The Local Government Service Commission visited Nyimba Town Council to monitor the performance of the Human Resource Committee from the time it was formed. The Commission also took time to interact with the employees and inspected the new Civic Centre which is still under construction and the Council Motel respectively.

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