The Lusaka City Council (LCC) expresses its profound displeasure regarding certain unscrupulous individuals who have brazenly resorted to impersonating our Acting Town Clerk, Eng. Liftery Ndaba.

In a statement today, LCC Assistant Public relations Manager Nyambe Bulumba said these impostors have been illicitly collecting money from unsuspecting members of the public and the business community within the city.

Mr. Bulumba noted that it has been brought to the attention of the local authority that these impersonators are exploiting the esteemed position of Town Clerk to extort money.

He said they falsely assure business owners that their establishments will not be closed for failing to pay or renew permits, claiming they have secured protection from the Office of the Acting Town Clerk and his management team.

And Mr. Bulumba revealed that the Council has received numerous complaints from the community affected by this scam.

He said the fraudsters have allegedly been soliciting money under various pretexts, such as lunches and birthdays, while misusing the title “Lusaka City Council Town Clerk.”

And Mr. Bulumba reminded business owners and the general public that the LCC does not accept cash payments for any services rendered.


He said all payments must be made through banks affiliated with the LCC, and a receipt must be provided as proof of payment for any service.

He further assured the nation  that its revenue collectors and any task forces established are equipped with valid identification cards, don the official council uniform, and are not authorized to solicit bribes from any business operator.

“Those engaged in these illegal activities are advised to cease immediately, as they risk facing legal consequences and setting a precedent for potential offenders. The Council has initiated investigations to ensure that the perpetrators are apprehended and prosecuted.” Mr. Bulumba said

He since commended the public for their vigilance and prompt reporting of such fraudulent activities, enabling the Council to take the necessary actions.

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