Kawambwa Town Council has commenced the rehabilitation of the 2.5 km Ntulo road at the total cost of K2.5 million.

In a statement today, Kawambwa Town Council Public Relations Unit said the project that is being executed by World Link has been funded under the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) and the Local Authority’s Capital Projects Fund.

The Public relations Unit noted that the road works will take 90 days to be fully completed and has the following scope of works; clearing and grabbing, grading, construction of drainages, placement of culverts and compaction among others.

“A reliable road connectivity remains key to achieving developmental goals in the district, as it facilitates easier mobility of people and goods which results in spurring economic activities and growth.”

“The Local Authority remains committed to fostering development to all parts of the district and the rehabilitation of feeder roads which is key in enhancing trade and health care access, remains top priority.”

“With Ntulo housing a Mini hospital, it was challenging to transport patients to the main hospital due to the deplorable state the road was in, but this will now be a thing of the past due to the quality rehabilitation of this important road.” The Kawambwa Town Council public relations Unit said

And the Public Relations Unit said once completed, Ntulo road will enable farmers in this part of Kawambwa Central Constituency to transport their products efficiently, as a bad road network impacts negatively on the economy due to increased transportation costs and delays.

The Council has since urged road users to cooperate with the contractors even as the road works are in progress.
“A good road network on the other hand remains key to creating a vital link for delivering social and economic services to rural communities and significantly contribute to inclusive economic growth for the country.” The public relations Unit said

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