Itezhi-tezhi, Monday (June 3, 2024)

Itezhi-tezhi Member of Parliament, Twaambo Mutinta, is worried about the rising number of unsafe abortions and school dropouts in Itezhi-tezhi District, Southern Province. 

Mr Mutinta highlighted the urgent need to address the challenges related to human development, particularly adolescent health, HIV/AIDS, and early pregnancies.

He commended the efforts of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and the Family Development Initiatives (FDI) in advocating for the prevention of Early and Unintended Pregnancies (EUP). 

Mr Mutinta emphasized that Itezhi-tezhi District has faced significant obstacles due to cultural norms and a lack of sensitization on EUP since its establishment.

The Lawmaker said the district’s patriarchal society has hindered the full potential and development of young people, especially concerning health and sexuality. 

Mr Mutinta, however, expressed optimism about the involvement of UNESCO and FDI in supporting advocacy actions. 

“These organizations empower youth to educate their peers about the effects of EUP and HIV/AIDS, fostering positive change. Traditional Leaders and the Ministry of Health have welcomed these youth-led initiatives, recognizing their contribution to health promotion and overall human development in the district. As activities continue within the community, young people engage in sensitization efforts, breaking down existing cultural norms,” he said. 

Mr Mutinta called upon other stakeholders to join forces and collectively address the critical issue. 

“By breaking the silence, we can create a safer environment for young people and promote better health outcomes,” he said. 

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