FPI Applauds Mweetwa and Government For Committing to Media Self-Regulation Mechanism.

Lusaka, April 8, 2024 –

The Free Press Initiative (FPI) has commended information Minister Cornelius Mweetwa and the UPND Government for their resolute stance to promote pure self-regulation of the media in Zambia.

In a statement, FPI Funder and Chief Executive Director Joan Chirwa said the official presentation of the Code of Ethics for Journalists and Media Practitioners to Mr Mweetwa by the Media Self Regulation Council last week marks a significant milestone in the pursuit of journalistic integrity and responsibility.

Ms. Chirwa expressed happiness that Mr Mweetwa reaffirmed what President Hakainde Hichilema has emphasized on many occasions that the media in Zambia MUST self-regulate because they are an important part of our democracy.

She said the FPI therefore recognizes the importance of establishing a unified Code of Ethics developed to guide both public and private media institutions, ensuring adherence to principles of truth, accuracy, and accountability.

Ms. Chirwa stated that Mweetwa’s call that all media personnel should subscribe to the Code of Ethicsr eflects a profound understanding of the pivotal role journalists play in shaping public discourse and upholding democratic values.

She noted that by advocating for self-regulation, the Minister underscores the Government’s commitment to fostering a media landscape that prioritizes professionalism and ethical conduct.

Ms. Chirwa revealed FPI reaffirms its unwavering support for excellence in journalism and the fundamental principles of media freedom and freedom of expression.

“We stand in solidarity with Mr. Mweetwa and the UPND Government in their efforts to strengthen the media industry and promote responsible journalism through the pure self-regulation mechanism.”

“As an organization dedicated to safeguarding press freedoms and championing ethical journalism, FPI pledges its full support in the advancement of objectives outlined by the Media Self Regulation mechanism and its Code of Ethics .”

“We remain steadfast in our
commitment to upholding the highest standards of journalistic integrity and ensuring that the media serves its watchdog role while ensuring accountability among our leaders.” Ms. Chirwa stated

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