Kawambwa District Commissioner Godfrey Chilambwe has expressed happiness with the increased number of stakeholder participation in the Keep Zambia Clean campaign in the district.

He says the Keep Zambia Clean activity still remains key to promoting cleanliness, hygiene and sustainable waste management practices in the district.

Speaking during the Keep Zambia Cleaning exercise at Mushota trading area of Pambashe Constituency, Mr. Chilambwe said the campaign was a multi sectoral program that needed to be embraced by all well-meaning citizens, as it was key in preventing outbreaks of diseases in Kawambwa district.

He called for more stakeholder participation in the campaign starting from household level, business sector and government ministries if the desired goal of having a safe and healthy Kawambwa could be attained.

The District Commissioner disclosed that the compliance levels towards the campaign had increased, as it could be seen by the high level of participation in rural health centres, trading areas, work places and at household level respectively.

Mr. Chilambwe commended the private sector for overwhelmingly joining the campaign, further stating that the activity was a responsibility of every Zambian and not the Local Authority only.

He further implored Health Inspectors in the district to enhance sensitization activities throughout the district on the importance of the activity, further urging them to educate the general public on how to manage solid waste.

And Senior Chief Mushota of the Chishinga people of Pambashe Constituency revealed that his Chiefdom remained committed in championing the Keep Zambia Clean campaign.

He said that his subjects had welcomed the campaign and were working tirelessly in ensuring that the Chiefdom remained clean, safe and habitable to everyone.

Senior Chief Mushota stated that the Chiefdom had formulated guidelines aimed at upholding high sanitary levels, adding that the business sector was not left out in ensuring that their trading areas remained clean at all times.

He further commended the District Commissioner and his entourage for conducting the cleaning exercise in his Chiefdom, as it was a clear demonstration of the importance that government attached in ensuring that rural areas remained part of the Keep Zambia Clean agenda.

The District Commissioner, Council Secretary and Kawambwa District Health Director led the devolved ministries in cleaning Mushota trading area in Pambashe Constituency of Kawambwa district.

The cleaning exercise included the unblocking of drainages, sweeping, litter picking and slashing.

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