People’s Alliance for Change (PAC) President Andyford Banda is dismayed at the casual manner in which the UPND led Administration is running the country’s affairs.

In a statement to the Media, Mr..Banda observed that instead of focusing on more important matters affecting the nation, President Hakainde Hichilema and his team have instead shown more signs of not knowing what they are doing to the extent of unleashing 5 cabinet ministers campaigning in a “small” ward election in Mwansabombwe District, Kayo ward.

The opposition leader said President Hichilema should have instead instructed his ministers to attend to more pressing issues than campaigning in a small ward by-election.

Mr. Banda stated that this is not only a testament of lack of priorities, but the extent to which the UPND lacks commitment to keep their campaign promises.

Mr. Banda who recalled how UPND  leadership was on top of their voice in the opposition condemning PF Ministers who were leaving their offices campaigning in by – elections.

He said not only did UPND condemn this kind of behaviour, but promised the people of Zambia how they would cut down the costs of running by-elections once in office.

And in expressing a concern, Mr. Banda reiterated that having 5 Ministers campaigning in a ward by election is not only saddening, but a clear sign of the UPND’s lack of priorities for this country.

“It is a clear sign of lack of commitment to cut down costs and ensure the ministers are attending to the most urgent issues. How can 5 ministers leave their offices to go and campaign in a ward by election honestly? Why did the President sanction these trips ?” Mr. Banda wondered.

He since affirmed that UPND led Government is doing exactly the things they condemned when in opposition.

He said UPND leadership have u – turned on a number of campaign promises too numerous to mention.

Mr. Banda further observed that UPND’s focus at the moment is power and politicking as opposed to solving the many miseries people are going through.

“As if that is not enough, all cabinet Ministers campaigning in that by election have so much work to do in their respective ministries and to be fair to them, they have nothing to show for, or to account for their 2 and half years in office as a Government at large.”

“For example, Minister of Energy Peter Kapala is contributing to the weakening Kwacha by sending millions of dollars out for electricity importation with no major energy project in the pipeline to match with his government’s ambition to increase copper output which needs a lot of energy/power. You wonder how this will be achieved.” Mr. Banda said

Meanwhile , Mr. Banda categorically stated that Minister of Mines Paul Kabuswe has failed to answer who the shareholders are in Mopani, an issue which people’s Alliance for Change is still pursuing.

“This Mopani issue has presided over the decline of copper production, in the process weaking the Kwacha. As of today, a Vedanta deal himself announced is still failing to take off with latest news that same people do not have resources to invest, hence planning to sale a stake to raise capital.”

“Talk of Elvis Nkandu, the Minister of Youth and Sports who has a lot of work to help the youths who have seemingly lost hope. Most of the youths are now becoming “junkies” due to lack of opportunities and jobs and these are issues we expect his ministry to focus on.”

“Minister of Small and Medium Enterprises Elias Mubanga equally has nothing to show in the last two years and half what his ministry has achieved because most small businesses are confused and not sure what the purpose of that Ministry is. We are beginning to think that some of these ministries are useless and were probably introduced to create jobs for Hichilema’s friends. While we all had hope of the revolution of the SMEs by the creation of that Ministry, two and half years it seems that dream has slipped away.” He said

And Mr. Banda has urged President Hichilema’s government to put its priorities right and not take Zambians for a ride as the case right now because Zambians are looking up to its leaders to provide solutions and give them hope as opposed to wasting time and dancing in ward by- elections.

“We join calls of many Zambians for the President to fire some of these ministers and bring in people who can at least hold things together till 2026 when we shall take over from them and bring this country on the right path.” Mr. Banda said

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