Govt procuring Maize to address looming hunger situation

Government has reiterated that it is in the process of procuring 650,000 metric tonnes of maize to avert the looming hunger situation necessitated by the prolonged dry spell the country has experienced.

Speaking during a familiarization tour of media facilities in Chirundu this morning, Information and Media Permanent Secretary, Thabo Kawana echoed President Hakainde Hichilema’s position, that no Zambian should go hungry and die of starvation hence the decision to procure the grain.

Mr. Kawana also indicated that the private sector has been encouraged to come on board so that Government through the Food Reserve Agency- FRA can have enough maize stock to feed the nation in the midst of the prevailing national disaster as declared by President Hichilema.

And Mr. Kawama has justified that government has diverted resources from other sectors such as infrastructure to deal with the hunger situation which he described as an emergency.

“We have to feed the nation so resources have been rechanneled because we are dealing with an emergency. So most of the things that were supposed to happen, have been affected and among them is the infrastructure so that the focus should be on exactly what His Excellency, President Hakainde Hichilema stated that no Zambian should die of starvation and no Zambian should go hungry,” PS Kawama said.

Meanwhile, Information and Media Permanent Secretary, Thabo Kawana bemoaned the poor infrastructure at the Chirundu Government Complex which he described as inhabitable.

Mr. Kawana however assured that will bring the situation to the attention of the relevant authorities so that the complex can be worked on.

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