Govt injects K58,000 Feira CDF in Luangwa Environmental Sustainability.


Luangwa – April 24, 2024

Luangwa Town Council has injected over K58,000 of the 2024 Feira Constituency Development Funds (CDF) into environmental sustainability activities in the district.

In a statement today, Luangwa Town Council public relations officer Annedy Longwe said the local authority has procured 40 garbage collection bins, 20 street bins and 20-wheel bins to be placed in strategic points to improve solid waste management, general cleanliness of public places and environmental sustainability in the district.

She said each bin is worth K1,450, resulting in an investment of K58,000.00, carefully chosen to meet the district’s needs.

Ms. Longwe reiterated the local government’s commitment to address environmental issues through improved community sensitization on the significance of environmental care, maintenance and sustainability, in the wake of climate change.

She said these bins, placed thoughtfully, will remind residents of the importance of responsible waste disposal.

And Ms. Longwe noted the Council will use community sensitization and involvement to cultivate an environmentally-conscious culture, in line with national and regional goals for sustainable development and public health.

“Luangwa Town Council places high premium on managing waste and protecting the environment for future generations.” Ms. Longwe said.

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