First lady donates Wheelchairs in Shangombo


FIRST LADY Mutinta Hichilema has donated Wheelchairs to several beneficiaries in Western Province.

The Wheelchairs were presented by UPND Chairman for Special Duties William Banda, and party’s Provincial Chairman Kapelwa Mbangwete.

Mr Banda and Mr Mbangweta were received by the district officials which was very happy to welcome them in Shangombo.

Mr Mbangweta who was leading the Provincial Team and welcomed Mr Banda to Western province said he was particularly happy for this occassion

And Mr. Banda had chosen to start his visit to the Province with what might be considered some of the “hardship constituncies” in Western Province comprising Shangombo, Mitete, Lukulu, and Mangango among others.

In his message of Good Wll Mr Banda rallied the fraternity to continue mobilizing the Party and bringing new members as that was the only way the Party could grow.

He encouraged the fraternity to continue defending the President and his good policies such as the one on CDF which was changing livelihoods especially in the rural areas as evidenced by the good results it continues to achieve in Shangombo.

He also indicated that as part of his assignment on this occassion it was to pass on wheel chairs in the various districts that he would visit with the Provincial Team.

He indicated that the Wheelchairs were a donation from the First Lady, Madam Mutinta Hichilema.

Meanwhile the Provincial Team, District. Constituency , Wards as well as the local MP Mr Mubika were very thankful for the generous donation and requested Mr Banda to convey their thanks to the First Family.

The Provincial Team led by Provincial Chairman Mr Mbangweta are on a tour of the province a Annual Visitations to the Districts in the Province and Constituencies to check on the structures.

The purpose of the visits are to share Party Policies and Strategies, Government Policies & Pronouncements and in some cases witness how these policies are being implemented in the field and receive direct feedback from The Receivers, listen to concerns and feedback from the local leadership, bring colleagues up to speed on recent developments in relation to the Governance of the Nation.

The Team has so far been to Mwandi, Sesheke, Shangombo and Nalolo.


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