….. says it’s a shame Zambia not learning from past Cholera outbreaks….

Lusaka, Wednesday (February 14, 2024)

Family Development Initiatives – FDI has thanked Government for reopening schools despite the country recording continued cases of Cholera.

FDI Team Leader, Sheikh Yusuf Ayami, has since called on families to heighten hygiene practices and standards starting from homes.

Sheikh Ayami said families must teach their children about basic hygiene such as washing hands before eating food and after using the toilet.

He said families must advise their children to temporarily stop sharing food with their school mates until the outbreak is contained.

Sheikh Ayami also said families must not use over-the-counter drugs or home-made solutions for cholera patients but seek medical attention from health facilities as soon as cholera signs manifest because of the number of people dying at home.

The FDI Team Leader said it is a shame that Zambia has not learnt from previous rounds of cholera outbreaks over the years.

Sheikh Ayami has, therefore, urged Government to take a bold decision to regularise the way residences are established.

He said it is sad to see areas where ambulances, fire fighting trucks and police cannot reach because of the way structures are built even on utility lines thereby undermining the public good.

Sheikh Ayami said correcting such wrongs can help to prevent a situation in future where children stay home because of cholera.

He said deferment of opening schools exacerbates inequality in society because some children resumed learning online while majority in Government schools could not learn online.

He said preventing epidemics like cholera is the only way to avoid any social divide as all children will be in school.

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