The Football Association of Zambia has unveiled the FIFA certified KoPa ball that will be used as the official match ball for the Zambian Premier League.

The ball which was initially used as a pilot for training in Super League clubs and was used in the final of the 2023 Absa Cup will now be an ever-present feature in the MTN Super League, FAZ National Division One League, the FAZ Women’s Super League and other competitions.

The initiative by the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) has been embraced by Reliable Utilities Zambia Limited (RUZ) who will manufacture the FIFA approved KoPa balls and will supply all Premier League teams with the balls at a reasonable price.

Speaking at the official signing ceremony between FAZ and RUZ, FAZ president Andrew Kamanga said the move will be critical in providing uniformity and promoting fair play across the Super and National Division One Leagues.

“As FAZ, we are particularly delighted that through this partnership, Reliable Utilities will pay royalties for the duration of 4 years. But what is even more exciting in this partnership is that FAZ will give all the 1400 provincial teams a total of 7,000 match balls as equipment support valued at a total cost of K17,500,000,” Kamanga said.

“These match balls will be distributed in two phases according to the FAZ seasonal calendar. We also wish to inform the Provincial teams through this platform that we will be announcing further equipment support in the next few weeks as part of our commitment to the development of football at provincial level.”

The KoPa ball adds to the growing local brand of products that has national and club jerseys, tracksuits, T-shirts, replicas and other football memorabilia for sale to the public.

“It remains our desire to see more teams engaging FAZ to kit them in KoPa which will be tailored to their specifications. We also wish to emphasise that we are not restricting the KoPa to just football clubs but other sports disciplines that can tap into this huge opportunity. Our goal is to make this brand accessible and available to all Zambians,” Kamanga said.

RUZ chief executive officer Mulenga Sikaumbwe CEO described the agreement between RUZ and FAZ as a celebration of our shared commitment to the beautiful game of football.

“Our new KoPa match ball has not only met but exceeded rigorous FIFA testing standards for professional and international football competitions. This means that it’s not just any ball; it’s a ball of superior quality that meets the high demands of professional football,” Sikaumbwe said.

“By making our match balls the official league match ball in the top-tier league structures, including the Super League and National League competitions, we aim to provide mutually agreed-upon economic benefits to FAZ.”

Sikaumbwe said RUZ was proud to be part of the journey as KoPa becomes the standard official match ball for both men’s and women’s leagues.

“Our partnership also extends to the grassroots level, where we will provide custom-designed hard ground match footballs. These balls are tailored to the specific needs of Provincial and lower league structures, addressing the challenges posed by playing conditions,” Sikaumbwe said.

KoPa is a local brand wholly owned by FAZ with the full compliment comprising national team kit (jerseys, tracksuits and replicas) and now the ball.

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