By Moddipher Kapungwe

Social Justice and human rights defender Maiko Zulu says the defamation of the president law should reviewed.

Mr. Zulu said if left unchecked, prisons will be filled with unscrupulous people who want to express their views, as a result of making defamatory remarks against the President.

“The defamation of the President law needs to be reformed, because if it stays, we will need to define what an insult is, and keep going round in circles, causing trouble for over selves” he said

And Mr. Zulu said Government must come out straight and disclose the conditions contained in the International Monetary Fund (IMF)

Mr. Zulu said it is unfortunate that praise singers are attacking individuals who are asking for answers on the conditionality of the IMF bailout package.

“From a humble question they think you are disrespecting the President and that we should leave everything in the hands of the president, which is wrong because we are coming from an error where we trusted so much in our political leadership, and we saw how they disappointed us.” He said.

Mr. Zulu said the information concerning IMF should be unbundled for the sake of the Zambian citizens.

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